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Developer Center

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Our Developer Center is designed to help you build messaging capabilities within your platform or application to allow you to reliably connect with SMS.

Over the last two years, we have developed a robust and scale-able messaging platform with a wide array of features that support simple programmable SMS as a foundational capability and then a series of more advanced features that are unique to Augnet, focused on quality assurance, auditability, compliance, statistical analytics, least cost routing and SLA management to name a few.  Our aim is to offer access to these capabilities in an easy and straightforward way to the development community and create a sharing ecosystem to engender innovation and creativity.
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We believe in developer outreach and we intend to evolve this Developer Center over the coming months to be a "best in class" resource center for developers looking to create advanced CPaaS (Cloud Communications as a Platform) features within their own Enterprise Applications.
Today, we are at a stage where we can offer you early access to these capabilities while we build our best in class Developer Center, but we need your help!
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By registering your interest today you can expect:
An account to enable access to our messaging API and platform
Direct access to a member of the Augnet team
Early access to documentation and tools, when available
Exclusive access to developer previews
In the future, and with your feedback and suggestions, we would like to offer tools, documentation, blog and benefits you would come to expect of any developer programme.

Help us on our journey!

Contact for more information.

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