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Don’t let customer experience become a casualty of SMS mistrust

There’s always a battleground in business. Whether it’s cost, reputation or quality, and today is no different only this time, it’s customer experience (CX).

Now more than ever businesses are under the microscope and delivering anything less than an optimum experience has ramifications in a world of always-on social retaliation. This is a challenge for the world's biggest businesses - look no further than brands like British Airways, TfL or any major bank. Think then how critical delivering CX is for the SME community where the pressure on resources and budget is so much more acute

Today’s consumer is both discerning and demanding and it only takes one bad experience to lose them. This is where businesses need 100% reliability, visibility and trust in how they communicate with them. It’s something we’ve covered in our new whitepaper, ‘SMS and Customer Experience: Is your business getting what it needs?’.

The unrivaled ability for SMS to deliver CX

The reality is that true competitive advantage lies in creating an engaging CX - one that is personal, fast, easy, and useful. Research from Salesforce suggests that 86% of buyers pay more for great CX, while according to Ernst & Young 72% of customers share positive CX experience with six or more people. Conversely, Ovum has found that 1 in 3 customers will leave after one bad CX.

The ability to deliver clear, concise and timely information is critical to this. In fact it's the bare minimum customers expect and a key part of this is application-to-person (A2P) SMS delivery. The penetration of mobile means SMS is the number one communication channel for businesses around the world. From onboarding, reminders, confirmations, authentication and feedback, we’ve all had this type of communication. In fact, only recently did the UK use it as a vehicle to reach the 1.5m ‘at risk’ category individuals with instructions on how to manage the Coronavirus outbreak.

The bottom line is that, when it comes to reaching an audience, SMS is unrivalled. The channel boasts engagement rates up to eight times higher than email and most messages are opened within three minutes of being received.

All hail the customer king

But it’s not without challenge. Like most industries it’s fraught with bad actors and people willing to cut corners at somebody else’s expense. On average 5% of SMS sent never reach their intended destination yet this rarely gets reported - this is a major issue. One in twenty messages don’t get delivered and providers can’t tell businesses why. Unsurprisingly, this is impacting on customer churn and reducing customer engagement.

In a world where the customer experience is king - this simply cannot, and must not, be allowed to happen.

Augnet: On a mission to end uncertainty

Augnet has developed a unique technology platform that gives businesses the power to govern the quality of the SMS supply reducing impact on end-user experience and providing value for money. We are on a mission to end the uncertainty and cost of not knowing where SMS messages are, or how long they take to get delivered. Because in our world, one undelivered message and one lost customer, is one too many.

Our quality-assured SMS delivery platform means businesses immediately benefit from; bottom line savings because we drive a better customer experience that reduces churn and increases conversion. Fighting fraud and counting this cost of missed SMS delivery is also a thing of the past as we also offer the highest level of assurance that someone is looking after your SMS - all at one of the markets most competitive price points.

If ever businesses needed reliability, transparency and certainty, it is now. That is what we offer and you can find out much more about it in our white paper, which you can download here.

Alternatively, for more information, please contact or visit

Daniel Gill - Founder & CEO


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