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Introducing Augnet: What we do

At Augnet, our mission is clear. We are out to disrupt the A2P SMS market – an industry worth $72 billion a year. SMS does not tend to be synonymous with innovation, however at Augnet we are looking to change that, and our tech solution has the potential to be transformative. Not yet a year old, we are already attracting the attention of some of the biggest names in tech thanks to our system that:Dramatically reduces message failure rateProvides cost reductionsImproves auditing and tracing capabilityProvides access to a larger amount of information than any carrierIntroduces a new revenue stream to partner apps.We’re keeping our progress and developments under wraps until we’re ready to launch our product, focusing attention on R&D rather than big publicity drives. We are closing our first round of funding in mid-February and looking to the future. 2019 is set to be an exciting year for Augnet.

Who we are

Augnet CEO Daniel Gill is an accomplished telecom executive and highly-regarded business advisor and angel investor. Following a decade with Skype/Microsoft, where he was a Senior Manager for a high-performance team and led business development initiatives in the Telecoms space. Dan saw an opportunity to disrupt the SMS industry and founded Augnet. Dan recently secured patent pending for the SMS technology at the heart of Augnet’s product offering and plans to revolutionise the industry.

Jekaterina Orlova, Augnet COO, is an authority in business development and strategy with a particular focus on setting up early-stage tech companies for success. Jekaterina spent 10 years of her career at Skype, first in the Business Operations team, then as a Product Manager for Skype and Skype for Business.  Before joining Augnet in 2018, Jekaterina worked as a Senior Technology Consultant at Deloitte, specialising in cloud services, connectivity and digital workplace within financial services industry, and utilised her industry experience to advise and scale tech start-ups and SMEs.


Augnet, a disruptor bringing transformation and innovation.

At Augnet, doing things a little differently is core to our values and culture. We enjoy working with people who stand out from the crowd.  We value people who get excited by change, who love to help others, and who know that EQ builds better connections with partners and colleagues than a high IQ.

SMS is not new or cutting-edge, it has been around for 26 years now, and the cool kids don’t use it anymore. However, in the Enterprise sector SMS is booming, with annual revenues exceeding $72 billion and market growth of 7% year on year.  This is because it is the easiest and fastest way for companies to communicate with their customers. The growth is from A2P (application to person) messaging and covers two-factor authentication, app verification, marketing, appointment confirmation and more. There has been a dearth of innovation in this space, creating pent up demand for differentiated services. With our new technology, Augnet is designed to meet that demand: it will do for the SMS world what VoIP did for voice.

Challenges and milestones: 2019 Roadmap

2018 ended on a high, with our patent pending secured and our funding round opened. Now we’re looking into 2019 with our product roadmap for the year ahead. 

Phase one: Building the foundations of the productFunding round closing on in February.Baseline library: develop a library that can be used by our Partners APPs via early release.Backend: fulfil this key part of our system architecture.Input API: provide an API document to Telecom Wholesale Clients.Output API: provide an API document to Partners, i.e. Large mobile apps, and begin the process of integration.Admin portal: create internal and External dashboards with open APIs.Phase two: Proving integration Integration with Telecoms client and our 1st app partner:Prove we can receive a number with a message and successfully deliver a message payload.Prove we can return messages back to Telecoms client if the end user is not on-(Aug)net.This will allow us to test through an end user, to do further load testing and to validate the admin portal. This is an especially important milestone, as it will be the first confirmation that Augnet has scale-up potential.

Phase three: Integration with 3rd Parties This phase will allow us to integrate with other 3rd parties such as some of the world's largest apps. Thanks for being part of this journey with us!The Augnet team is happy to have you onboard as partners and friends.

If you would like to help, we are particularly keen to speak to various people who could join our team:

Backend Architect, Full Stack Software Developer, Mobile Application Integration Developer (Android), Test Development Engineer.


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