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Is your business SMS blind?

Right now, businesses are blind. They cannot see the true impact of their business SMS activity. They don't know about the accuracy, speed, reliability or the status of the messages their providers are delivering. We know this, because we also know that SMS providers do not know where your messages are or whether they’ve been delivered. No-one does. That’s just a fact of life in the world of SMS.

Even the best SMS providers can’t improve on at least 5% undelivered messages; many are far worse with undelivered messages amounting to as much as 50%. At best, one in twenty messages don’t get delivered and your provider can’t tell you why. But they’re still charging you. Does that sound fair?

Creating a crystal clear connection to customers

And it’s not just that businesses are being overcharged for a service they’re not getting. Businesses that are engaging with an SMS supplier that cannot provide proof of consistent and high-quality SMS delivery are risking their reputation - that means loss of customers and revenue.

As consumers, we value trust, reliability and transparency. We are comforted by the reassurance of messages and confirmations the businesses we’re dealing with are on the same page. And as businesses we want to provide that crystal clear connection to customers that will keep them coming back again and again. But with such a frequent and consistent leakage of SMS it is the business that is counting the cost, and left to pick up the pieces when important information never reaches its intended audience. The one telling your customer their appointment has been moved, or their flight changed. Texts carrying critical information that never arrive are the ones that cost the most in bad customer experience, customer churn and poor conversion.

Stopping this happening is our mission. We want to end the uncertainty and cost of not knowing where SMS messages are, or how long they take to get delivered.

Total and complete SMS visibility

Augnet was conceived by experts with direct experience of SMS providers who have put businesses and individuals at risk, on a grand scale. Enough is enough and if your current supplier can’t or won’t tell you about SMS quality, we will.

We’ve built the world’s first totally auditable SMS delivery system. Millions of crowdsourced mobile devices, which provide us with our own virtual dashboard giving us an accurate, real time status of SMS messages. This unique quality assurance capability gives us the confidence to take your SMS traffic and guarantee levels of speed and delivery. This is something no other provider can do. You can determine what SMS quality levels you can absorb based on the importance of the message content and purpose. Now your business is no longer SMS blind but has total and complete visibility.

The Augnet service is consumable by any size of company – size doesn’t matter, simply your desire to use SMS for customer engagement and your insistence that poor quality SMS should not negatively impact your customer experience. Our platform was also built to be easy to integrate into any application. From those starting on their SMS journey to business veterans simply tired of being short-changed from their service providers, Augnet caters for all scenarios.

Our promise to you

We have a clear promise - ‘to improve your quality of SMS’. And we’ll even put our money where our mouth is. We’re offering new joiners 25% off their current SMS supplier costs for three months.* We want to put an end to SMS blindness so, if you want to see the difference Augnet can make to your business, please contact us at referencing the code 25% QUALITY SMS.

You can find out much more about the value of SMS to businesses in our latest white paper SMS and Customer Experience: Is your business getting what it needs? which you can download here.

Alternatively, for more information please visit us at

Daniel Gill, CEO and Founder, Augnet

* Subject to a 12-month contract, discount paid on the 12th month.


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