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Hi Treatwell here just an appointment Reminder: 18th June 5:30 pm

Welcome to the service! Please use this link to verify your account.

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Augnet introduces the world’s first SMS quality assurance platform.

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We’ve built the world’s first totally auditable SMS delivery system. Data from millions of crowdsourced mobile devices provide us with our own virtual dashboard, giving us an accurate, real time status of SMS messages.


This unique quality assurance capability gives us the confidence to take your SMS traffic and provide you deterministic speed and delivery through thousands of SMS networks.

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No-one else can do this

We are on a mission to end the uncertainty and cost of not knowing where SMS messages are, or how long they take to get delivered. Because in our world, one undelivered message and one lost customer, is one too many. 


Your Google verification code is 612680.


Hi, Treatwell here! Just an appointment Reminder: 18th June 5:30 pm

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If you engage with a SMS provider for the delivery of mission-critical SMS, then you are placing your reputation in their hands. What do you really know about the accuracy, speed and reliability of your provider, or the status of the messages you’ve asked them to deliver?  In fact, you know very little, because your suppliers know the same. They literally don’t know where your messages are, and whether they’ve been delivered. No-one does. That’s just a fact of life in the world of SMS. 

Until now. One in twenty messages don’t get delivered and your provider can’t tell you why. But they still charge you. But if your current suppler can’t or won’t tell you, we will. 

One in twenty messages don't get delivered.

Your provider can't tell you why but they still charge you.

Welcome to the service! Please use this link to verify your account.

We are on a mission to end the uncertainty and cost of not knowing where SMS are, or how long they take to get delivered.

Is the cost of one undelivered SMS message and one lost customer, one too many?

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The Business Benefits

SMS Aware, our quality-assured SMS delivery platform, means businesses can immediately

benefit from:

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Bottom Line Impacts

We drive a better customer experience, less churn and higher conversion.


Competitive Pricing

We don’t think businesses should pay extra for high-quality SMS.


Operational Benefits

Frictionless onboarding and a high-level of quality assurance.


If ever businesses needed reliability, transparency and certainty, it is now. That is what we offer. That is who we are. Giving businesses a benchmark for SMS quality.

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How It Works

What's the cost of an SMS message?
Is one undelivered message and one lost customer, one too many? To see why you should switch to Augnet as your SMS provider.

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How to engage with Augnet

Our customer onboarding process is how we lay out the welcome mat to introduce new users to our product, show you the ropes, and help you succeed from day one. It is best in class and simple to use. 


We consider on-boarding a pivotal first step in a journey with our customers. From here we will provide continuous improvement to the service and the commercial approach – our competitors treat this industry as a commodity and each customer as a transaction. We see you as a partner and your customer engagement is as important to us as it is to you. 


Engagement is easy and there are no commitments - once you have decided to register for the service in the "log-in" section, you will be guided through the series of simple steps.

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We don’t believe you should pay more for high quality SMS. Because we buy at wholesale rates and in high volume, we pass on these economies of purchase by offering very competitive, below market pricing. 


Our SMS pricing is based on the destination and type of message you’re sending. Our pay-as-you-go pricing gives you a very fair price, check our dedicated pricing page and standard terms and conditions.

You can pay for different service levels with different quality levels, such as a VIP route for mission critical transactions – most importantly, you pay for a defined quality level, not spray and pray.

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Hear from our satisfied customers that switched from their existing SMS providers and now enjoy deterministic SMS quality and have seen material improvements in customer engagement as a result.

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For a discussion around how we can help your business, please contact

Simplicity is key. 


Our pricing structure makes switching attractive.  You can even start with a free account to get you up and running. We have an on-boarding process that allows super-fast API integration, and terms of use that supports early experimentation and proof of value through a try before buy/trial approach.

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