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  • What is SMS Aware?
    SMS Aware is our SMS route managed service. We will provide optimum routing for any SMS with 100% proof of delivery.
  • Can you use our API for free?
    Creating a new account is free and no payment method is required to integrate and validate your API connection. In order to deliver messages you are required setup a payment method on your account and upload credit.
  • What is a project and how do I create one?
    Projects are templates that are configured with set parameters for different messaging routes; premium or marketing. Choose which best suits your needs. To setup a new project click on ‘+’ next to your account settings. Fill out the required project information. That will become your active project. You can edit the project under the project management menu.
  • How do I generate API keys for my project?
    Navigate to your active project using the project management menu. There you can generate and activate your API key.
  • How do I purchase a new number?
    To purchase a number go to your account settings menu and select ‘Phone numbers’. Select a new number under ‘Buy number’. You will need to assign an address and create a payment type in order to purchase a number.
  • Where can I go for more assistance?
    Email us at and one our representatives will be in touch.
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