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Is the cost of one undelivered SMS message and one lost customer, one too many?

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SMS is a critical customer engagement tool in the digital economy - with an impressive 98% read rate.


SMS is a powerful way to engage with customers: SMS is liked and trusted, with 98% of messages being read within 3 seconds of being received. But, at least one in 20 messages that SMS providers confirm as delivered, never arrive at their destination. Why? because they have no true insights on SMS performance. This message failure is costing businesses $3.6BN a year. 


Read this new report to find out:

  • Why SMS quality matters and how it impacts your bottom line 

  • Why bad practice in the SMS market is putting your customer experience is at risk - without you even knowing it

  • How Augnet’s quality-assured platform provides real-time data to reduce the risk, uncertainty and cost of lost SMS

  • Why you shouldn’t have to pay extra for high-quality SMS

  • Why one undelivered message and one lost customer, is one too many

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Download our new report now!

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