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Device Authentication

Stop Fraud, Protect Revenue, and Ensure Reliable Routing with Augnet's Device Authentication Service

Artificially inflated traffic (AIT) is a rising threat. By authenticating a device before every SMS is sent to it, we empower you to eliminate AIT, prevent fraud, and regain control and governance on your SMS spend. With Augnet’s patented technology and unparalleled expertise, Augnet is your trusted partner in safeguarding your business interests.

Cutting-Edge Endpoint Authentication

Augnet's Authentication service leverages advanced technology to interrogate each device before a message is submitted, ensuring SMS traffic only goes to your authenticated customers.  We dynamically create a 2 part encryption key. Our technology creates a robust, low-friction, encryption system, a first for SMS messaging. Suitable for both consumer and business applications.

Addressing Prevalent Problems

AIT poses a significant threat to businesses, leading to financial losses, compromised routing logic, confidence cons, and account takeover fraud. Augnet's Device Authentication service tackles these challenges head-on:

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Preventing Inflated Traffic

Nefarious agents generate fake accounts to artificially inflate traffic volumes, costing enterprises millions of dollars. With Device Authentication, we interrogate a device before an SMS is submitted to it, effectively stopping AIT.

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Ensuring Reliable Routing Logic

AIT disrupts routing logic, making statistics for unreliable suppliers appear better than they are. By eliminating connectivity to generated devices, the fraudsters lose the ability to influence routing logic

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Blocking Fake Accounts

Businesses often struggle to identify the exact proportion of fake accounts/app downloads, leading to concerns advert paying customers and investors. By identifying fake accounts and not activating we provide increased levels of governance.  

The Consequences to Enterprises

AIT has severe implications for businesses, impacting revenue, competition, and statistical accuracy:

Paying for Activation of Fake Accounts

Originators end up paying for SMS messages sent to activate fake accounts, resulting in financial losses.

Damage to Conversion Ratio

Operators committing fraud harm the conversion ratios of their competitors, gaining an unfair advantage in the market.

Choose Augnet Device Authentication for Unmatched Protection

Cost Control

By preventing AIT, our service safeguards you from spending money sending messages to artificial numbers and activating fake accounts.

Enhanced Security

By fortifying your SMS traffic against confidence tricks and fraud, our Device Authentication service enhances the security of your customer communications.

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