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SMS Aware

Improving Customer Engagement and Enhancing Compliance

Welcome to SMS Aware: Real-time Insights enabling Optimal Delivery with Augnet's Cutting-Edge Technology.

The Power of Intelligent Routing

We analyze complex data in real-time, providing real time unparalleled insights into SMS delivery and routing processes. Our sophisticated algorithm continuously monitors quality indicators from multiple SMS providers worldwide, continuously identifying the optimal delivery paths.


Unlike traditional solutions, we don't rely on data that is commonly manipulated by nefarious providers in the supply chain (check out our article on AIT for more details).  With SMS Aware, we dynamically switch between providers based on their performance at any given time of day. Some providers update their routing thousands of times a month. We ensure your messages are always delivered through the best-performing supplier, maximizing delivery success, and reducing compliance risk.


Experience the next level of SMS delivery with SMS Aware and Augnet's revolutionary technology. Say goodbye to delivery uncertainties and embrace efficient, reliable, and data-driven SMS routing.

The Evolution of SMS

SMS 1.0

Person-to-Person Manual texting​

  • Birth of SMS​

  • Limited to person-to-person​

  • High trust perception

SMS 2.0

Business to person API integration

  • Easy API integrations​

  • Unknown level of grey/unlicensed routes​

  • Cannot guarantee GDPR compliance

SMS 3.0

Compliance and Governance fit for Corporate standards

  • Data governance and compliance fit for today’s security requirements​

  • Pioneer in metadata-optimized routing ​

  • Patent for end-to-end encryption and SMS-over-IP​


Addressing Common SMS Challenges

Undelivered messages, latency, and fraud can severely impact your SMS communication, resulting in dissatisfied customers, increased costs, and compliance risks. SMS Aware is specifically designed to tackle these challenges head-on:

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Latency Reduction

Our intelligent routing algorithm reduces latency, ensuring timely delivery of One Time Passwords (OTPs) and minimizing re-send requests. Improving customer experience and reducing churn.

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Undelivered Message Mitigation

Our proprietary data and AI driven analysis mitigates the risk of paying for messages that don't reach their intended recipients.

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Fraud Prevention

Identification of unlicensed routes (SIM-Farms, SS7 fraud, etc), enhances governance and compliance with data protection regulations, and safeguards your customers' privacy, especially from Intel’ based confidence cons.

Why Use SMS Aware by Augnet?

Enhanced Customer Experience

By minimizing latency and undelivered messages, SMS Aware helps you deliver an exceptional experience to your customers, reducing frustration and increasing loyalty.

Cost Optimization

With reduced re-send requests, minimized undelivered messages, and enhanced efficiency, SMS Aware helps you lower costs associated with SMS communication.

Data Privacy Compliance

Augnet's solution actively detects providers more likely to re-sell SMS content. Protecting personal information and maintaining trust in your brand.

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