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Unleash the future of SMS communication with Augnet's revolutionary SMS Over IP solution

By harnessing the power of secured public IP connectivity, we eliminate the need for traditional telecom networks and associated infrastructure. Say goodbye to limitations, big budgets and lack of compliance, and embrace the future of SMS communication.

Traditional SMS communication faces numerous challenges that hinder efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness:

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Legacy Infrastructure

Traditional telecom networks require extensive infrastructure, maintenance, and costly setup. These barriers limit scalability and hinder innovation.

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Traditional SMS is not encrypted, and with an active black market in real-time SMS content, customer data is unknowingly being exposed.

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Inefficient Routing

SMS messages often face challenges with routing, resulting in delays, lost messages, and unreliable delivery. This lack of reliability impacts customer satisfaction and business operations.

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Lack of Insights

Businesses struggle to gain valuable insights and analytics from SMS communication. Without accurate delivery receipts and reporting, decision-making becomes challenging and data-driven strategies are compromised.

Key Features and Benefits of Augnet’s SMS-Over-IP

Reliable Delivery

Augnet ensures secure and timely delivery of SMS messages, providing peace of mind for businesses relying on efficient communication.

Enhanced Analytics

Access encrypted delivery receipts to gain valuable insights and reporting, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Encrypted Receipts

Be at the forefront of the industry by offering encrypted delivery receipts for SMS messages, gaining valuable insights and analytics to optimize your strategies.

Cost Savings

With lower prices to send messages over-IP, you can optimize your budget without compromising on the reliability of your communications.

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