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SMS Encryption

Solving Connectivity Challenges with Advanced Encryption Technology: Protect customer data, enhance compliance, and establish brand trust with Augnet's SMS Encryption. 

Our cutting-edge technology addresses the problems faced by enterprises by utilizing secure protocols so you can say goodbye to fraudulent activities, lack of governance, and unauthorized data access. (hyperlink)

Cutting-Edge Technology

We create dynamic rotating decryption keys, making for an advanced and robust encryption system that even works when the device is not connected to the internet. This comprehensive approach strengthens the security of SMS communications across the supply chain.

Addressing SMS Connectivity Challenges

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Unauthorized Data Access

SMS content is transmitted through an unencrypted supply chain and is accessible to multiple entities, increasing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. 

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Confidence Cons

Nefarious agents within the supply chain can sell content to fraudsters, often in real-time via an API. The fraudsters are then become able of performing confidence tricks by calling up a number, saying they’re from the company that originated an SMS, and gaining access to even more sensitive data.

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Lack of Governance

The SMS supply chain lacks proper governance, making it difficult to establish if data is even being compromised, and if so, by what extent.

How Augnet’s SMS Encryption Impacts your Business

Protect Customer Data

Ensure your customers' data is safeguarded from potential data breaches. When using SMS Encryption, you demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and security, instilling confidence in your customers.

Enhance Compliance and Governance

Mitigate compliance risks by leveling up your data protection and establishing strong governance with transparent practices.

Build Brand and Customer Trust

By prioritizing data security and privacy you strengthen customer trust and loyalty. In today's technology-driven world, reputable brands are known for their commitment to protecting customer information.

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