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Augnet's CEO and COO talk to Graham Hussey from The Startup Van

The award winning Startup Van are a media company providing entertainment for the startup community and entrepreneurs, founded in 2015 The Startup Van’s mission is to find out exactly what it takes to become a startup and entrepreneur.

Augnet CEO & Founder Daniel Gill and COO Jekaterina Orlova met with Graham Hussey from The Startup Van to talk about the SMS landscape, the future of A2P SMS and the importance of having the right team for your startup.

Coverage of the interview held on Wednesday 26 June at the Startup Van offices with Graham Hussey was published on their YouTube channel can be found here:

Advice for a successful raise from CEO & Founder Daniel Gill  has been posted on The Startup Van Twitter account: 

Augnet COO Jekaterina Orlova’s response to “how important is industry knowledge?” has been posted on The Startup Van Twitter and can be found here:


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