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SMS Vulnerabilities Exposed - Again

The recent data breach involving Cisco’s MFA service sheds light on the inherent vulnerabilities of standard, unsecured, SMS-based authentication. In this latest incident, Cisco’s Duo, one of the most widely used MFA apps, had its text messages’ data stolen.

📱 The danger of such attacks is not hard to see – armed with message types and user phone numbers, malicious actors have a wide array of options to commit fraud. A leaked one-time password (OTP) alone is enough ammunition for a confidence con that could ultimately compromise a bank card or account.

⚠️ The breach serves as a stark reminder that no company, regardless of size or reputation, is immune to such risks. Even tech giants like Cisco. That is because of the inherent vulnerability of SMS: that it is sent and stored in an unencrypted format. This leaves sensitive data susceptible to interception and exploitation.

🔒 In the face of evolving cyber threats, one must question how to reconcile the need for more secure authentication methods and the fact that SMS’ omnipresence does make it an efficient and practical option for delivering important account information.

Augnet’s encryption and authentication solutions offer a significant change to the SMS ecosystem, finally making SMS fit-for-purpose. Only by embracing truly secure technologies can we mitigate the risks posed by SMS vulnerabilities, which are often the gateway to serious fraud that tarnishes brands and scams customers.


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