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How much of your traffic actually goes through compliant routes?

Is your SMS traffic GDPR compliant? Many companies would immediately answer with an emphatic 'yes', as they assume their provider is handling everything in a correct and proper fashion.

However, while SMS providers might advertise high-quality routes, the fact remains that not all messages are created equally in the eyes of most of these suppliers. Which means, your messages could be going in several directions at the same time, and some of those messages aren’t going anywhere at all (topic for another day). Blending happens when a percentage of a client’s traffic is sent via an “alternative” route, for alternative, read: cheaper and lower quality routes to maximise margins.

For example, when a part of your traffic goes through a SIM farm it is not only subject to higher latency, but is also not compliant with data protection regulations, and suddenly what was meant to be a private message from you to your customer is now accessible to unknown entities who are already operating in what is a "grey" area.

Augnet's proprietary technology can test the routes currently in use by any aggregator or network operator and provide our clients with optimization and data insights that can attest to their adherence to compliance standards.


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