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Vital communications: SMS must deliver every time

If the outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that timely communication is key. The ability to not only deliver a message, but make sure it lands with the required audience – at the right time - has been a totem of this crisis as a means of navigating the widespread disruption to life - what are the opening hours for businesses? Is my doctor seeing patients? Is my online shopping being delivered? The list is almost endless as we have resorted to virtual information exchanges in an unprecedented manner.

But, when the world returns to normal, whenever that may be and however it might look, the need for clear, reliable and timely communications will not change. In fact, it is going to be more important than ever. And SMS messaging will continue to be right at the heart of it.

In an environment where managing business spend will be crucial, knowing messages have been delivered won’t be a nice to have. It will be a necessity.

Bang for buck for business

Today, mobile phone penetration is ubiquitous. 67% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, according to the GSMA, with SMS a standard feature in all mobile phones. And its open rate is exceedingly high at 98%, with a 209% higher response rate than Facebook, email or phone. Little wonder then that industries such as tourism, retail, banking, financial services, healthcare, entertainment, and media continue to reach out to the vast base of mobile and smartphone users through Application to Person (A2P) SMS.

It is now the key mobile medium through which businesses connect with their customers and, despite the proliferation of other communications channels, SMS messaging remains essential. This is because no other platform or channel can match its ubiquity and immediacy. There’s a reason it has been the UK government’s go-to method of communication with regards to advice, guidance protocol in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

But at least one in twenty messages never reach the intended location and providers can’t identify the level of failure or which messages have failed. In fact, SMS providers are reporting message delivery to customers, when 5% have failed and that there are inconsistencies in how long the message takes to be delivered. In a world where businesses have to seamlessly marry a consistent delivery of high-quality customer experiences with balancing the bottom line of the business and getting maximum bang for buck from the services they use, this simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Helping hand to UK business

That is exactly why we have created a platform that gives businesses the power to govern the quality of the SMS supply, reducing a possible negative impact on the end-user experience and providing value for money. We are on a mission to end the uncertainty and cost of not knowing where SMS messages are, or how long they take to get delivered. Because in our world, one undelivered message and one lost customer, is one too many.

Our quality-assured SMS delivery platform means businesses immediately benefit from; bottom line savings because we drive a better customer experience that reduces churn and increases conversion. Counting this cost of missed SMS delivery is also a thing of the past as we also offer the highest level of assurance that someone is looking after your SMS.

But you don't need to take our word for it. We know the importance of communication and the cost pressures businesses are under so we’re offering new joiners 25% off their current SMS supplier costs for three months*. We want to give you the quality you deserve, put the pounds back in your pocket and prove our worth. Please contact us at referencing the code 25% QUALITY SMS.

You can find out much more about the value of SMS to businesses in our latest whitepaper SMS and Customer Experience: Is your business getting what it needs? which you can download here.

Alternatively, for more information please visit us at

Daniel Gill - Founder & CEO

* Subject to a 12-month contract, discount paid on the 12th month


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